The Awards Committee for the Alaska Chapter of The Wildlife Society strives to meet one of our purposes in recognizing professional excellence and conservation achievement. The volunteer committee consists of Layne Adams, Tom Paragi (chair), Kim Jochum, Kevin White, and Dave Yokel. Here is the structure of award categories with criteria suggesting appropriate recognition and the process for nominations:


  • Student Wildlife Conservation Award
    •  Individual or team achievement in research or management
    • Distinguished service to the Alaska Chapter or UAF Student Chapter
  • Wildlife Conservation Award
    • Outstanding professional achievement during the preceding five years by individual or team in research or management
    • Lifetime achievement for excellence in professional accomplishments over at least 20 years (may be received only once)
    • Distinguished service to Alaska Chapter
    • Distinguished service to students or young professionals
  • Humorous Award
    • Good natured roasting for an embarrassing event presented at the banquet as capstone event following invited speaker; recipient name and year are added to object that is re-awarded each year
    • Award name suggestions? (e.g., Colorado Chapter has a “blown blunderbuss” award).


  • The nomination must be from current Alaska Chapter member(s) and be sent to the committee chair
  • The nominee does not have to be a current or former Alaska Chapter member
  • The nomination should fit on one side of a single page and include:
    • The name of person submitting and date
    • The name of the nominee with current and past conservation-related employment, and professional affiliations (as best known)
    • A brief description (<200 words) of achievements related to the award category
    • One letter of recommendation (1 page, 1 side) from another colleague or collaborator (who does not have to be a Chapter member) that includes the name of person making the recommendation and date
  • The nomination period opens after the annual meeting and closes 2 months prior to the next annual meeting.

Please think of colleagues you consider deserving, and consider a nomination for one or more of the three categories (student wildlife conservation, wildlife conservation, humorous). Send nominations to by Tuesday 10 December 2019. Also suggest names (and an iconic item) for the humorous award!


Download 2020 Chapter Awards Flyer